From the President

My first experiences with computers dates back to the 80’s with my first PC, an 8086 Amstrad. I was excited with the first introduction to the Internet after years of spending time on Prodigy.  It was shortly after that introduction that I started designing and developing websites.

For a while, we built 386 PC’s and became increasingly knowledgeable in computer hardware and software. Although we no longer build systems, we do maintain our skills in repairs and maintenance. That developed into upgrading, maintenance, and system security of PC computers.

 Over the years, I have been employed as a web developer in a corporate environment.  Since 1996, web design has been a passion, creating sites for a wide range of companies, public figures, non-profits, churches and various community groups.

McAllister Park provides quality, personalized service  and we strive to  exceed your expectations.  We participate in regular training to keep our skills current in the hardware, software, coding, graphic design and web services.

Code on a monitor

Custom Coding

Web development is designed around your goals, expectations and budget. From customized templates to custom coded websites. We make each website unique and reflective of our customer, not our creative staff. Contact us below for a consultation or quote.

Managed Web Hosting

If you are purchasing a website through McAllister Park Design, we don’t expect you to know understand every part of hosting a website. That is our job. Let us demystify your web experience by providing our expertise and experience. Ask us about our discounts.

Upgrade, Repair, Train

We provide PC services at reasonable prices. Unlike other computer repairs companies, most of our computer repair services, upgrades, virus removal and optimizing can be completed within 2 to 3 days, if not the same day. We even make housecalls (within a 25 mile radius).


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