Affordable Business Email

With McAllister Park, shared hosting is the most affordable option available. It also comes with email standard with your hosting package. As times change and security increases to remove SPAM from your mailbox, more and more businesses are moving to separate email systems. This can be expensive and technologically challenging to work through all the details needed to implement a successful email system.

Now, business email can be added to any hosting package. This provides the additional security needed to be sure your emails are arriving and being sent without a hitch. The outbound emails are sent with a separate server securing your emails with spam and malware protection.

The best part is that it is a seamless integration and there is no need for you to become an email server expert or change any of your email settings.

Pricing is $120 per year for 10 emails and 50GB of email storage. Microsoft and Google charge $72 per year PER USER! Consider this option if you want to upgrade your business’ emails.


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