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  • Gain Knowledge to Avoiding Scams
    Seeing how many scams attempt to “tempt” you to react, pay, or worse, steal your hard-earned dollars is frustrating. Even my 90-year-old mother struggles with “social engineering.” As a society, we attempt to trust people first, but when it comes to the Internet or strangers, we need to be wise and know how to combat … Read more
  • Affordable Business Email
    With McAllister Park, shared hosting is the most affordable option available. It also comes with email standard with your hosting package. As times change and security increases to remove SPAM from your mailbox, more and more businesses are moving to separate email systems. This can be expensive and technologically challenging to work through all the … Read more
  • What is “Maintenance” About?
    In the old days, when working with straight HTML (the code behind a web page), we didn’t have many of the security issues that are now prevalent and rampant in our world. We could have wimpy passwords and typical usernames. Individuals occasionally got scammed but the majority, well, it wasn’t like there was much they … Read more
  • Marketing Your Website
    As a designer, I often get this situation. “I had you build this website, but it doesn’t get much traffic! No one knows it’s there. Did you submit it to the search engines? What about SEO?” McAllister Park Design does optimize for search engines (SEO): Implementing on-page techniques to improve the website’s visibility on search … Read more