Instructional Design

As we move toward online learning around the world, we find that quality training is critical for effective outcomes. Hiring a designer or consultant provides you with

  • Technological Knowledge
  • Curriculum Design
  • Understanding Adult Learners
  • Provide a Fresh Perspective

Depending on the program, the approach to instructional design and the content conversion will include various levels of:

  • Review and analysis of the audience, content provided by the SME (Subject Matter Expert), the existing content, and materials.
  • The program introduction using design walk-throughs, debriefing, event piloting, and train-the-trainer support.
  • Material and content design, scripting, asset creation, learner and facilitator support materials, and learning environment recommendations.

SCORM, PowerPoint, Captivate, Moodle, Documentation, K-12, Secondary, Employee Training, and Blended Learning Solutions are just a few of the options we can provide.

Bottom line – using a consultant will help you create engaging elearning content.